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Daniel Calzaretta

Willow Public School
Executive Director
Walla Walla, WA
Our Executive Director, Daniel Calzaretta has been an educator since 1990, most recently working in Walla Walla Public Schools for eight years.
After spending two years teaching at a traditional public high school in a suburb of Portland, Oregon Dan started the award-winning Pacific Crest Community School in Portland in 1992.
Dan believes that schools must be designed to meet the needs of students, their families, and the community. By building strong relationships, personalizing education for students, putting the latest technology into the hands of teachers and kids, and infusing joy into the learning process, Willow Public School will change the lives of students, and put them on a path to college and professional success.
Dan loves bicycle touring with his family. In 2008 he, his two children, and his wife Alison Kirby cycled across the US. Dan has since cycled from Washington to Mexico with his son. Dan is also a science fiction nerd, and an avid award-winning beer brewer.