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Ian Scott

Melrose, MA
Ian supports the design and launch of new TNTP partnerships, and currently leads several projects focused on talent strategy, leadership development and school improvement. Recently, he has designed and led multiple initiatives helping schools tackle common challenges through collaborative networks that maximize limited resources in pursuit of shared priorities such as talent recruitment, new certification pathways, and teacher development. His current projects span several states and include both urban and rural settings.
Prior to his current role, Ian served as the Director of the Indianapolis Teaching Fellows and oversaw the recruitment, training and development of over 200 new teachers working in critical need subject areas throughout the state. He also led talent strategy initiatives that increased schools’ access to strong teachers and leaders and helped districts and charter schools implement new systems to sustain change.
Ian became a special education teacher through TNTP’s Texas Teaching Fellows program. He taught students with emotional disabilities for 3 years and received the Austin I.S.D Rising Star Award. He holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame.