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Danielle Davies

Destiny/SOAR/Ashe' Prep
As a longtime resident of WA state, residing in Tacoma since 1980, Danielle has experienced firsthand the struggles in our communities; particularly when it comes to equitable education.

These disparities came into sharp focus, once again, when her children began school.

As a mother of a neuro-divergent student with a disability and a neuro-typical highly capable student, Danielle has had to navigate the educational landscape on multiple levels to ensure that their needs are met.

This dedication for her children, led to a broader advocacy for all children in the realm of education.
Danielle has been a longtime volunteer in the local Tacoma Public schooling system along with also being an integral part of the Public Charter School movement here in WA. Understanding that advocacy in education needs to be multifaceted, as one size fits all education does not work.

Her strong voice in advocacy, led her to being a key member in the push for passage of WA State’s New Charter School Act: ESSB 6194.

Danielle was a founding board member and parent of both Green Dot Destiny Middle School and S.O.A.R. Academy.

Additionally, she founded and served as President of SOAR Parents Advisory Council, the only 501(c)(3) charter school parents' group in WA State. . With both Green Dot and S.O.A.R., Danielle worked tirelessly giving voice to community needs while holding both schools accountable for operating with integrity within the communities they served.

Danielle continues to broaden her advocacy for children and families, by working as a Visitation Supervisor for Alpine Visitation Services. In this role, she helps provide a nurturing, understanding hand, while helping children and their families move forward and heal.